hookLock TBV

As secure as a vault

Winkhaus hookLock TBV is made up of 2 double hooks and 12 safe bolts offering unrivalled security with 17 locking elements.

hookLock TBV 

The look of the vault bolt lock alone exudes a sense of security and trust: this is achieved with 2 solid double hooks with claw action, 2 x 6 vault bolts, as well as a latch and dead bolt. The two vault guide bolts, pointed and arrested in the end position, as well as the four vault bolts (also arrested in the end position) ensure smooth, secure function. The 6 mm approach slant at the hooks also ensures convenient closing. Double hook, main bolt and vault bolt are made from nickel-plated and chrome-plated steel.
hookLock TBV

hookLock TBV


  • Advantages:
  • 17-fold bolt locking system
  • 2 x 2 double hooks + 2 x 6 vault bolts
  • Hook and guide vault bolts secured against pressing back in end position
  • Angled hook and guide vault bolts for smooth-running
  • RC2/RC3 compatible
hookLock TBV

General representation hookLock TBV


  • STV- variation ...60, with 2 double hooks with 4 opposite-closing hooks, as well as 2 x 6 steel bolts for standard house doors with a sash rebate height of 1875 to 2230 mm
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