The interactive fitting planner

With the free software wh-easyPlan+, Winkhaus offers an interactive fitting planner in electronic form. It can be used to create a variety of different fitting compositions depending on different window profiles quickly and without extensive training.

The desired fitting quantities can also be determined quickly and accurately from the comprehensive fitting libraries and can be printed as an order print-out at the touch of a button.

Fitting information

The fitting information is a complete overview of a fitting composition. It contains all fitting items required for a window shown clearly in a fixed grid. The fitting information also contains construction-relevant dimensions. This enables you to accurately calculate the number of items, as well as the production dimensions with no major effort.

Fitting quantity calculation

With a fitting quantity calculation, you can use wh-easyPlan+ to determine all the fitting items required quickly and clearly by entering the width and height dimensions.

Fitting orders

Printing out fitting orders from the fitting quantity calculation is particularly easy. The fitting quantity calculation can then be sent as parts lists directly to your fitting retailer via E-mail or as a fax.

Technical information

Additional detailed technical information is available for each fitting item, which can be called up at the touch of a button.


The libraries form the technical basis for the fitting information and also contain all the information required for calculating and designing fitting systems. Winkhaus ensures that the libraries always contain the latest information relating to the fittings.

Free download

The wh-easyPlan+ fitting planner including all databases is available here as a free download. A comprehensive online help is also included in the installation package.
The wh-easyPlan+ software solution is compatible with Microsoft Windows from version 2000.

Automatic updates

If the programme finds a new updated version of the software on the Winkhaus servers, it offers it for automatic installation.
Of course, the data saved by the user remains in place.